What are the benefits of neuroendoscopy?

Neuroendoscopy Surgery in India- BLK Hospital Uganda

Neuroendoscopy is a surgical procedure that uses minimally invasive techniques to treat a person. The top neurosurgery hospitals in India have turned to this more advanced technique due to it advantages like lesser pain, faster recovery and minimal scarring. Moreover, neuroendoscopy helps the surgeon to access those parts of the brain that are inaccessible through traditional methods of surgeries.

Today, neuroendoscopy in India is mostly used to treat different types of tumors due to its ability to reach remote areas of the brain. The most common tumors treated through neuroendoscopy are pineal region tumor, pituitary tumors, Rathke’s cleft cysts, skull based tumors and ventricular tumors.

The neuroendoscopy procedure is performed through a small telescope like device called an endoscope. This endoscope has a high resolution camera that gives the doctor a clear image of the inside of the skull through which the surgeons performs the complete procedure of removing the tumor. For the removal of the tumor (or of the surgeon wants to take a sample of the tumor) the surgeon attaches an additional device to the camera with scissors and forceps at its ends.

In the past decade, neuroendoscopy has advanced to treat problems associated with the spine. Neuro-Spine Surgery in India is used to treat both intra and extradural spinal diseases. The neuroendoscopy techniques have advanced to many other surgeries like thoracoscopic sympathectomy, discectomies, lumbar laminotomies, anterior approaches for spinal reconstruction, and resection of tumors and cysts.

The best hospitals for neurosurgery in India are leaning more and more towards these new methods because it has shown better results than the normal traditional methods and it becomes very easy for the patient to recover from the surgery.

The neuroendoscopy is performed through one or a few small incisions through which the surgeon inserts the tiny machine with the complete devices. The whole procedure takes a few hours depending on the type, size and place of the cyst or tumor that is supposed to be treated.

Before the surgery, the patient is taken through the same diagnostic process as done in the traditional forms of surgeries. The doctor will go through the patient’s medical history and perform a complete test of the patient’s general health. Besides this, some additional tests are performed depending on the medical condition that is to be treated.

Once the surgery is completed, the patient is moved to a recover room where the doctors and their team of experienced technicians keep a check on the patient’s vitals to make sure that the patient is recovering without any complications. Usually, the patient is kept in the hospital for 3 to 5 days before he or she is discharged.

At home, the patient’s family is asked to make a few changes to make living more susceptible for the patient. Here, they are trained to look for any unusual signs and report to the doctor as soon as they notice anything unusual. Depending on the surgery, the patient may be assigned a physical therapist to help him regain movements in the operated area and loosen the stiff muscles.

The neurosurgeons claim that neuroendoscopy has a wide scope and a very bright future is taken into consideration and if we keep researching on the subject. Many of the top neurosurgery hospitals have shifted to neuroendoscopy for most of the procedures and they tend to keep improving and make neuroendoscopy a main stream treatment method, looking at its benefits.

Throughout the years, neuroendoscopy has helped numerous of patients regain a healthy lifestyle and it continues to do so with the latest technology and high precision methods.


When is there need of surgery in sports injury treatment

Sports Injury treatment in India - BLK Hospital Uganda

The ability of joint to do their work is tested while playing sports. It involves physical activity that is done by the full use of joints. The main function of joints is to help in the movement of the body. The way how we move the body and the different angles exerted is also looked by it. Joint is a part of musculoskeletal system. For sportspeople, it is of vital importance to keep their musculoskeletal system in perfect condition. But there are some conditions which hampers its function. The most common is sports injury. If you are suffering from sports injury, then contact BLK at once. It will give you the best sports injury treatment in India.

Sports injuries, as implied by the name, occurs when playing rigorous sports or doing heavy exercise. There are different injuries. Sports injury treatment specialists in India are needed for the following injuries. Some of the common ones are explained below –

  • Muscle strain – It is also known as muscle pull. It occurs when the muscle overstretches and tears. Muscles of quadriceps, calves, hamstring, groin, low back, shoulder etc are commonly affected. It is identified by pain, swelling and inability to use the muscles.
  • Torn ACL – ACL is the part which holds the knee joint together and provides stability. It occurs when there is landing of the foot in the wrong way or there is direct blow to the knee. There may be a pop sound and knee longer functions at all.
  • Torn MCL – MCL connects femur to the tibia. The injury occurs when the knee joint is pushed sideways during a wrong move. There is pain, swelling and instability of the joint. In severe cases, there is need of surgery.
  • Stress fracture – It is caused when there is overuse of any body part. Muscles are not able to put up with the physical activity and absorb the pressure. Lower legs and feet are two areas where majority of stress fractures occur.
  • Runner’s knee – It is the name given to patellofemoral pain syndrome in which tendons, joint lining and soft tissues of the knee become irritated. Along with pain, it can be identified with popping and cracking of the knee.

Some of the causes are as follows –

  • In case of previous injuries, the risk increases.
  • Overtraining leading to stress and workload.
  • Change in the surface of the playground.
  • Poor equipment quality.
  • Lack of proper diet and nutrition.
  • Wrong way of performing exercise.

There are various different conservative procedures to treat sports injuries. But when they don’t help, there is need of surgery. One of the most common procedures is knee replacement surgery in India. It is a surgical procedure in which the diseased weight bearing surface of the knee are removed and replaced with the help of artificial materials. It is suggested to patients who have severe destruction of the knee joint and suffer from progressive pain as well as impaired function. There are various tests performed which determine if you are a candidate or not.

Physical examination is done to see the motion, stability, strength and overall leg alignment. To check the condition of bone and soft tissues, MRI and X-rays are done. This procedure begins by administering general anesthesia. You will not be conscious during the procedure. All the surfaces of the joint will be exposed and incisions of about 6-10 inches are made to cut away the damaged joint surfaces. Artificial joint is then added and incisions are closed. This procedure lasts for over two hours. After the surgery, you will be shifted to recovery room where you have to stay for a couple of days.